KonTextGesundheit BerlinCommunicating medicine clearly and concisely

We specialize in clarifying the complex.

Specializing in medicine and health services, our scope ranges from summarizing studies on brain MRI to reporting on trends in the Korean healthcare system.

Our content is aimed at professionals and non-professionals alike – we believe that people prefer to read concise, well-written texts than struggle through dense, unintelligible material. We focus on specialist medical texts and reports from international congresses.

We are passionate about issues that establish links between healthcare and other areas of life.

We produce work in German and English.

Three fundamental principles underpin the consistent high quality of our work:

  • Medical expertise and experience in appraising scientific studies

  • Extensive experience in print and online publishing

  • Editorial competence and proficiency in scientific journalism

Our standards

Independent research, transparency, and medical correctness are the benchmarks of our work – our clients can rely on the data we provide. We also offer up-to-date information in a language tailored to the respective target audience.



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