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What we do

Service to a T

“For the letter kills, but the spirit gives life.” We look after the letters, words, and punctuation of your projects. Our comprehensive service enables you to concentrate on the essentials and keep their spirit alive. Proofreading and editing are in safe hands with us, and we will handle your writing style with utmost care.

Study summaries

Summaries of the latest articles from international medical journals are the lifeblood of our work – our standard. We extract the most important information from long, complex texts and distill it into reports that offer quick, accurate overviews of current developments in medicine. In 2016 alone our team authored around 180 of these summaries.


Dubai, Chicago, Berlin – examples of the many locations from which we report on medical congresses. In 2016, we authored almost 300 reports from 17 congresses. Our reports are written, edited, and published online within 24 hours. Despite the proliferation of live streams and webcasts, we believe that five minutes reading a concise report is far easier than spending 45 minutes at a computer listening to a whole talk.


Interviews in German are easiest for us, but English is mandatory for keeping up with international goings-on. English is our second language, and we find it a great way to convey ideas. We also know how it feels to struggle for words in another language, which gives us patience when talking to other non-native English speakers. Where needed, native English speakers support our work. We strive to get to the heart of the matter, regardless of language barriers.


Every country has a different approach to public health and disease. Reporting on hospitals around the world and talking to people there gives us an impression of the specific features of their respective healthcare systems. Most of the time it can be reduced to structures and funding, but hidden behind this are the real stories: What moves people who work in medicine? What limitations do they face?


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